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Fast, accurate PV system design and sales software
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Powerful solutions at every step of the design, sales and installation process
Midsummer’s Easy PV software has been developed to help installers master the complex process of project design and optimisation of solar energy set-up. It effortlessly creates solar array systems, generates comprehensive system specifications, manages documentation and incorporates a seamless one-stop system purchase.
Comprehensive PV system design
Eliminate project uncertainty with Easy PV’s best-in-class software solutions. Engage your customers with detailed project quotes and interactive 3D models.
Seamless project management
Optimise and evaluate near-shading challenges, calculate array weight and wind loading, and share project data with your entire team.
Simple one-stop purchasing from your trade account
Link your Midsummer account to access trade prices, live product availability, specialist sales support and next-day delivery.
Easy PV is free to use, or upgrade to Easy PV Pro for access to specialist features
Everything you need to design and sell solar PV systems to your customers.
2D & 3D roof design
PV system design
Performance calculations
Structural analysis
Automatic schematic
Financial projections
Customer proposal
Automated DNO forms
Extra features to help your team collaborate and manage projects efficiently.
£35 / month
All basic features, plus:
Project sharing & team management
Project file management
Email templates & sending
Project status
Pre-installation survey
Post install photographic record
Automatic project pricing calculator
Additional forms and reports
Priority technical support
A bespoke, customised version of Easy PV configured to meet your needs.
Call to discuss
Unlimited users
Custom branding
Custom forms and reports
User roles
Custom CRM integration
Dedicated server
Dedicated support & training
Whether you're a seasoned solar professional or a newcomer to the world of PV, we've got you covered. Simply register for Easy PV and start to explore all the latest features!
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Companies using Easy PV
Projects created each month
Bespoke enterprise solutions
Design and specification
Three design modes
From a simple roof outline tool to our 3D studio, we have design modes for every project. Automatically specifies PV arrays and mounting components.
Inverters, stringing and electricals
Choose from recommended inverters for your project and let Easy PV automate the stringing and electrical checks.
Structural calculations
Calculate MCS compliant weight and wind loading estimates in an instant, with any issues flagged up at the design stage, before it’s too late!
Sales and compliance tools
MCS compliant self-consumption modelling at your fingertips. Automated sun path diagrams, usage profiles, import/export, storage utilisation.
Financial and environmental benefits
Calculate savings, pay-back period and environmental benefits over the lifetime of the system and give your customers confidence to invest.
Professional customer proposals
Make a great impression with impactful, easy to understand customer proposal documents and quotes for your potential customers.
Purchasing, installation & handover
Full kit list
Easy PV automatically generates a full kit list with everything you’ll need for the PV installation, down to the last roof hook and screw.
Trade purchasing
Connect your Midsummer account to see your trade pricing, live product availability and order your entire system with one-stop purchase.
Installation and handover
Give your team all the info they need for an installation, and once it’s done, quickly complete DNO commissioning and PV Array Test reports.
Easy PV is developed by the team at Midsummer
We’re one of the UK’s largest and longest established distributors of renewable energy systems. We’ve use our decades of experience selling and installing PV systems to build cutting-edge software that will help your business grow.
Easy PV is developed by the team at Midsummer
As one of the UK’s leading distributors of renewable energy systems, products and cutting-edge solar design software, Midsummer champion green energy for positive change.

Our dedicated support team is here to address your questions, provide guidance to enable as many people as possible to harness, store and intelligently use renewable energy.
Whether you're expanding your current projects, enhancing customer engagement, or just starting out, Easy PV supports you with the data, detail and features you need to make informed decisions.
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Easy PV benefits everyone under the sun!
The user-friendly interface and Easy-PV platform have simplified our procurement processes significantly, streamlining the journey from product selection to finalising the order.
Love working with Midsummer! They have a good range of products and Easy PV is so useful in not only designing systems but also managing the recurring paperwork that's required.
Easy PV has streamlined our process and allowed us to present a high-level offering to the client. The easy integration from building a material list to ordering has ensured we get the correct materials to site.
Midsummer is a remarkable company that has consistently provided exceptional service and top-notch products in the renewable energy sector. Their services have exceeded all my expectations.
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Start your solar success with Easy PV
Whether you're a solo installer or part of a larger team, Easy PV scales with you. It's as valuable for a single installation as it is for managing multiple complex projects.
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